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If you own your own home, you have probably noticed this recession in more ways than just the rising food costs, and the soaring gas prices. Home values have decreased drastically in over twenty cities across this country. Home values have dropped thirteen percent, and foreclosures are at an all-time high. One out of every 194 homeowners in this country got a foreclosure notice in just the first quarter. That is double the amount from 2007, for the whole year! On the bright side, if you have got a shiny credit record, go buy something. You will get it cheap, and the banks will throw money at you. You will still have to shop around for home insurance, today you can get a free insurance quote online so that should be simple enough.

On the other hand, the gas prices are killing you too, and you are not sure if anyone will EVER move in next door, since the number of vacant homes is also at an all time high, which means that your property value will go down, and you won't be able to remodel the kitchen on a home equity loan, gasp. Never mind, you are right. Even the few people in this country with good credit are not going to give this economy a speedy turn around. Check, please! So, Bank of America bails out or buys Countrywide for making terrible lending decisions. Actually, about $893 million (that they lost at the beginning of the year) in bad lending choices. Smooth move. Now my landlord works at Countrywide, and if I am even a day late on my rent, she is calling with the unmistakable sound of panic in her voice. Once bitten, people are turning to other careers such as being professional casino and lottery players, trying to hit it big and bail themselves and their family out of this difficult time.

Don't want to pay closing costs? Choose from a variety of mortgage loans with no closing costs. You can compare rates online with no obligation. When looking for a no closing cost mortgage always do your research whether you're buying your first home or your next. A no money down mortgage is a mortgage for which you don not put any money down on the purchase of your house. In today`s market, finding a no down payment mortgage may be extremely difficult unless you are a veteran and eligible for the Quicken Loans VA loan, which almost never requires a down payment, but low down payment mortgages, such as the FHA loan, are very popular. Avoid problems with closing refinance: Be organized, plan out the money, change your homeowner`s insurance, arrange for new conditions and title.

Home Contents Insurance policies insure against the contents of your home being damaged, lost (in certain cases) or stolen. When dealing with the contents of our homes, this saying expresses what is commonly known as sentimental value. Particular items may be of no value to anyone except us. These are the priceless items that your agent has to place a monetary value on. In the event that certain items in your home are damaged, lost, or even stolen, home contents insurance will provide protection.

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